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There are now many smart homes, virtual reality devices, automation uses and IoT devices. They all send and receive data and there are more every day. If the amount of data is too large, data cannot be evaluated via mobile networks and data processing becomes more difficult.

The solution: Edge Computing

With edge computing, data processing and analysis takes place where the data is closest to the system. A railway acts as an intermediary between the central computer in the cloud and the IoT devices operating at the site. Data processing takes place on site, storage in the cloud. This saves you time, minimises the latency in data transmission and relieves the networks. Edge computing also enables secure access to industrial networks from the office or on the road.

Necessary for edge computing:


We are happy to support you with implementation and networking. We simplify processes by automatically activating, managing and orchestrating the system, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business: Your core business. You leave the data processing to Edge.

Division of labour: Cloud and edge as technology drivers of data processing

Without major upgrades to standard hardware, the costs of edge computing remain manageable, but the benefits of edge computing and its data processing will continue to grow. AI solutions can also work with Edge and the Cloud.
Numerous industrial technologies require fast reactions when it comes to the efficiency of machines, processes. One of the many advantages of edge computing, compared to the cloud, is the short response time.

Another advantage: data security. With secure edge computing based on the zero-trust principle, most data remains on-site for management. Only a few need to be forwarded. Therefore, it is much easier to protect this data and meet any compliance requirements.

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