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Highest safety despite savings

Do you sometimes have peaks in demand and simply lack space in your infrastructure to manage and store this data? Or are you still working with the somewhat outdated cloud architecture that relies on complex iterations of middleware to connect multiple clouds? A modern hybrid cloud infrastructure from cloudWerkstatt is the way to reduce costs while improving performance.

Your advantages of a hybrid cloud solution:



When using public cloud systems, many companies have problems with legacy applications. By using a hybrid cloud, you can continue to use local servers and still comply with the legacy regulations. You thus use the benefits of the public cloud (modern, always up-to-date functions) in addition to your normal business.



Sensitive data, according to internal regulations, often has to be stored with the databases on site. But what about the other data, general, less sensitive? Storing this in the public cloud helps avoid overloading your own cloud architecture and saves space.


Cost savings

The possibility of saving space also reduces costs. I.e. in the public cloud, space is only provided and charged for when necessary. As long as it is not used, no costs are incurred.

Individual migration & modernisation solutions

The Hybrid Cloud focuses on the use & implementation of apps that help to implement processes quickly and easily, even in an automated way. The solutions we deploy for you are always state-of-the-art and offer the same, if not better, security standards as a traditional, local IT infrastructure.

The benefits of cost savings, agility and state-of-the-art security cannot be achieved without the use of public clouds. Our open hybrid cloud strategy ensures a unified and well thought-out infrastructure that is also ready for the future.

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