Experts from cloudWerkstatt implement Customer Care Solutions

Three of our cloudWerkstatt experts implementing Customer Care Solutions

cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast on February 16, 2023.

The second event in our cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast series will focus on the topic of customer experience and customer care.

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in the following scenario:

On the website of a company you can find an appealing and interesting offer. But you still have a few questions about it - and full of joy you see the link to the FAQs. These help to some extent, but there are still ambiguities.
These help to some extent, but there are still ambiguities. You click on it - the window of a chatbot opens. Hope is rising that my questions can be answered after all. You ask the question, and the chatbot is motivated, diligent, and fully committed to giving us standard answers we already know.
A setback, but perhaps the fault lies with the question, because perhaps it was still too imprecise. You sharpen up, go into more detail and ask the question. The chatbot starts working. We see a loading animation and it feels like it is getting faster and more hectic, the chatbot is doing its best and is in high gear. Presumably, it searches a special database filled only with just such detailed questions. Nothing new for a bot, but probably takes longer to process such amount of data.
"We found an answer!" writes the chatbot and overjoyed a smile forms on its face. The answer is: a link to the FAQs.

Such experiences are frustrating, especially when you expect an answer quickly. Some customers will turn away and look to another company for answers, even if there are other ways customers can get in touch (such as calling the company, emailing, or communicating via social media). The disappointment is too great and the trust has been lost.

How can this be prevented?

The cloudWerkstatt generally recommends taking a proactive rather than reactive approach when it comes to customer experience and customer service.

The IBM Customer Care Solution is just the thing for such a mindset. Thanks to the IBM Watson Assistant gives you the opportunity to develop an intelligent chatbot without any programming knowledge. Furthermore, a variety of service channels for customers, e.g. e-mail and social media, the creation of a knowledge database on frequently searched topics and questions as well as impressive analysis and reporting tools are offered. The customer experience is improved, service employees are relieved and costs are reduced.

More details and a demonstration of the IBM Watson Assistant are available at our cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast.

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