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beam cloud workshop

Day 1 - Implementation

beam cloud workshop

Based on your project’s specifications and set goals, new technologies, applications, or systems will be implemented. Tasks performed on Day 1 are well documented, understood and thought-out. Maintenance windows are defined and well communicated through all channels.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are essential and allow our professionals to set up best practices, like version control, virtualized tests and continuous monitoring.

A collaborative approach for this is needed and cloudWerkstatts professionals work closely with your stakeholders to implement the best solutions for you. After the initial implementation, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure functionality, security, and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

Our DevOps team is considering making the first move
„We are quickly working our way into
System landscapes, structures &
Applications in."

Cristian | Team Lead DevOps


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beam cloud workshop

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Do you need a new, non-corporate view of a specific IT project? Do you want to drive automation in your company or use your collected Big Data properly? With us, you have found the right partner. From infrastructure modernisation and migration projects to hybrid cloud platform solutions.