The desire to start my journey into the world of IT came when I watched a friend create a programme. I was quite excited to see how logical statements that were well known to me from mathematics were woven into actions with the most diverse effects. Despite my meagre IT knowledge, cloudWerkstatt gave me the chance to put my wish into practice. My colleagues took me on exciting journeys of discovery from day one: Thanks to the microservice architecture, it is possible to put new codes for a website online every few seconds? There are internet nodes with an average monthly maximum data throughput of over 8 terabits per second? Wow! The biggest challenge for me was finding my way through the jungle of countless tools and technologies. But even when learning, the enthusiasm (e.g. from the manpage of curl: "the number of features will make your head spin!") and the humour (e.g. in RHCSA learning materials: "setfacl -m g:nazgul:rw file|directory") of the IT people was motivating. I was even more motivated by the great team: everyone took the time to answer my questions, help me further and there was an appreciative, relaxed atmosphere. Now I am looking forward to every new customer, every new challenge and to being able to share my acquired knowledge with new colleagues at cloudWerkstatt in the environment of modern, forward-looking open source technologies.