Meeting, Workshop, cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast at the cloudWekrstatt office

A workshop in our office, similar to the cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast events.

cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast on February 15, 2023.

Have you ever wondered if your system landscape is secure? Can you create an intelligent chat bot without having any programming knowledge? Are there experts to whom I can directly ask such questions?
Then our new event series, cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast, is just right for you!

At each cloudWerkstatt Technology Breakfast, current and interesting topics are chosen, on which our experts will give exciting insights and demonstrations, in a relaxed atmosphere with coffee, rolls and cake. In addition, you get the opportunity to directly ask your own concerns and questions to an expert.

Our first event will provide an overview and best practices of Red Hat Linux Enterprise (RHEL). Organizations, institutions, and businesses of varying sizes use Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their systems infrastructure and to run a variety of applications. The main focus is on stability, security and support. Another reason for the popularity is reliability and flexibility of the system.

cloudWerkstatt can say from experience that there is a wide range of different industries using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. A brief look at our references illustrates this.
In the process, our experts noticed some best practices:

  • Regular updates to minimize security risks
  • An optimized configuration of firewalls
  • Encrypt data
  • Monitoring of the system and critical areas
  • Regular backups and recovery solutions

These are just a few of the most well-known best practices. To list and describe all possible procedures and go into more detail would go beyond the scope of a blog article.

At our event, one of our experts will take a closer look at the most important best practices and provide insights into details that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get.
If you or your company also work with Red Hat Linux Entrprise, don't miss this event!